Saturday, August 29, 2009

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This time I will give my knowledge and my experience in dealing with and prevent the virus does not enter into the flash disk because a lot of flash disk used by the teacher or my friends who are infected by the virus is very cruel and can lead to flash disk can not be used and often infected by the virus, despite being clean still be attacked again by the virus - the latest viruses. But this time I will make the antivirus on flash disk that you rarely find in the people, because of this antivirus I make myself and my work. First I was amazed with the flash disk that is why I use my flash disk infected with the virus often when I rarely go on the Internet or retrieve data from other people. But now my flash disk in a virus protection that comes into my flash disk will immediately burned and the virus can not walk like a command, so my flash disk until now safe - safe just because I use my own antivirus made with notepad. Examples of scrips which I had made something like this:
Oh yes, I forgot before making such a notepad or scrips we prepared materials - materials needed to make the antivirus.
For the first software that you need to prepare like a PC or a computer antivirus like this example: PCMAV, Ansav, SmadAV, and others - others.

scrips or create your autorun first, but you do not worry with this autorun because many people expect it is a virus, but this time it does not autorun but very useful and helpful for you all. This script notepad:

open = namaantivirus.exe
shellexecute = namaantivirus.exe
shellScan_Virus_dulu_Dunkz! command = namaantivirus.exe
shell = Scan_Virus_dulu_Dunkz!

It's not you copy the above script into notepad, if not this way?
1. Click Start
2. All programs
3. Search writing or folders Acessories
4. Then search text or notepad
If this is too long and complicated, it's a very simple way at all.
1. Click RUN
2. Or window + R key
3. If you've entered the RUN
4. Then you write in the RUN NotePad

If you've entered into your NotePad stay above Copy autorun script that I have given to you on this. Then when it's finished in copi in Notepad save the script you live that you have copied.
How to save Autorun is like this:

1. We click File in Notepad
2. Save your search text
3. Then you give the name of the script with "autorun.inf" not using quotation marks above.
4. Then CLick save
5. After that you copy the autorun file to a flash disk but do not copy in a folder.
6. Done for antivirus on flash disk

Now we live virus scan in the flash disk, how to scan as follows:
1. Double click the flash disk aja
2. Or you use the right-click on the flash disk later in the right-click on the search writing the words "Scan_Virus_dulu_Dunkz" you click
3. Done

If you want to change the writing scan came back wrote to the script you created earlier, which in turn tp I gari below:
Shell = kata_anda said command = antivirus.exe
shell = kata_anda words
Now how to hide autorun we have made for very uncomfortable if there is autorun on the flash disk, as follows:
1. go to RUN from start menu (window + R)
2. then type cmd
3. then you go into the flash drive (usually drive f:)
4. after that you are writing command
f:> attrib + s + h namaantivirus.exe (for hidden antivirus)
f:> attrib + s + h autorun.inf (create a hidden autorun.inf file)


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