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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pembaharuan keempat untuk Manjaro Linux 0.8.12 membawa yang sangat diantisipasi Xfce 4.12 lingkungan desktop, yang juga mencakup beberapa patch tambahan dari tim Manjaro.Selain itu, AMD Catalyst 15.200 Beta driver video terbaru sekarang digunakan dalam distribusi dalam rangka mendukung Server 1.17 seri Xorg.

Tentu saja, Xorg Server telah diperbarui ke versi 1.17.1. Di sisi lain, paket Aplikasi KDE telah diperbarui ke versi 14.12.3, lingkungan desktop KDE Plasma telah diperbarui ke versi 5.2.1, dan KDE sekarang di versi 4.14.6. The Manjaro-alat 0.9.7 paket sekarang termasuk, membawa dukungan untuk merek.

sebenarnya pada Manjaro Linux yang sebelumnya sudah sangat stabil sekali karena menurut Tim Pengembang Manjaro Linux sendiri masih kurang stabil untuk beberapa perangkat maka dilakukan pembaharuan pada sistem operasi Manjaro Linux. 

Pada Manjaro Linux tersebut apa saja sih yang akan diperbaharui ? anda bisa lihat beberapa pembaharuan yang dilakukan oleh tim pengembang. yakni seperti "Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1, Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.24, kaligrafi 2.9.0, LibreOffice 4.4.1, Steam untuk Linux, dan Maia tema 0.2.0 untuk KDE Plasma 5 telah dimasukkan dalam update ini. Saat ini, paket kernel Linux saat ini didukung di Manjaro Linux 0.8.12: 3.19.1, 3.18.9,, 3.14.35,, 3.12.38, dan 3.10.71".

Sumber : SoftPedia

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Selamat pagi semuanya, sudah lama banget admin tidak pernah muncul di weblog ini dikarenakan kesibukan di offline jadinya jarang sekali online bahkan jarang banget update info masalah teknologi negh. mumpung ada waktu longgar dan admin punya kesempatan untuk update ke sobat acw maka di weekend ini admin akan share Modul Instalasi OS - Pertemuan 1.

Untuk Modul kali ini admin mengambil modul pembelajaran yang dipakai admin waktu melakukan KBM (kegiatan belajar mengajar) disebuah instansi pendidikan yang ada di Kota Banyuwangi. Modul yang untuk Pertemuan 1 (Pertama) kali ini membahas masalah pengenalan sistem komputer, jadi membahas dasar-dasar komputer. mungkin sobat acw sudah pandai-pandai bahkan hebat-hebat masalah komputer tapi modul ini admin share dengan tujuan untuk dokumentasi dan mungkin ada yang membutuhkan modul tersebut. tidak hanya itu agar bisa di ambil oleh siswa siswi admin yang membutuhkan, okey.

Kalau sudah seperti itu dan biar tidak panjang lebar ceritanya mending langsung saja admin share filenya untuk sobat acw dan muridku tercinta semua semoga bermanfaat modul ini. cekidot  ...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hiren's BootCD 13.2 (2011/ENG) by
Hiren's BootCD 13.2
2011 | x86 | ENG | Tablet | 400.4 Mb

Hiren's BootCD - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At one bootable CD assembled dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running DOS.This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery and diagnostic tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the network, as well as many others.Hiren's BootCD eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work.

Changes Hiren's BootCD 13.2
+ 3DP Chip 11.03
+ CloneDisk 1.8.9
+ Don't Sleep 2.19
+ FileTypesMan 1.60
+ Notepad++ 5.9
+ PhotoFiltre 6.5.2
+ TDSSKiller 2.4.17
- CWShredder
* AlternateStreamView 1.30
* Atlantis Word Processor
* Avira AntiVir Personal (11-04-2011)
* BIOS Master password generator
* BlueScreenView 1.32
* BootICE 0.9.2011.0406
* CCleaner 3.05.1409
* CloneSpy 2.6
* ComboFix (11-04-2011)
* CPU Identification utility 1.20
* CPU-Z 1.57
* CurrPorts 1.87
* Defraggler 2.03.282
* Dr.Web CureIt! Antivirus (11-04-2011)
* DriveImage XML 2.22
* FastCopy 2.08
* GPU-Z 0.5.3
* grub4dos 2011-03-27
* HashMyFiles 1.70
* HijackThis 2.0.5b
* HWiNFO 5.5.2
* IE PassView 1.26
* ImgBurn
* InfraRecorder 0.52
* InstalledCodec 1.20
* Mail PassView 1.73
* Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.50.1 (11-04-2011)
* MessenPass 1.42
* Mini Xp improvements
* MyUninstaller 1.72
* Network Password Recovery 1.31
* OpenedFilesView 1.50
* PasswordFox 1.30
* PCI 32 Sniffer 1.4 (11-04-2011)
* PCI and AGP info Tool (11-04-2011)
* PhotoRec 6.12b
* Process Explorer 14.1
* Process Monitor 2.94
* ProduKey 1.50
* PSTPassword 1.16
* Recuva 1.40.525
* RegScanner 1.85
* Remove Fake Antivirus 1.76
* Revo Uninstaller 1.91
* RMPrepUSB 2.1.620
* SearchMyFiles 1.71
* SeaTools for Dos 2.23
* ServiWin 1.45
* ShellExView 1.65
* SmartSniff 1.76
* Speccy 1.09.231
* Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2 (11-04-2011)
* SpywareBlaster 4.4 (11-04-2011)
* SumatraPDF 1.4
* SuperAntispyware 4.50.1002 (11-04-2011)
* System Explorer 2.7.6
* TeamViewer 6.0.10462
* TestDisk 6.12b
* Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2
* UnknownDevices 1.4.20 (11-04-2011)
* USBDeview 1.88
* WinSCP 4.3.2
* Xp-AntiSpy 3.97.11

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fifa 2011-RELOADED

Fifa 2011-RELOADED l PC l English l Size 6.32 GB

Publisher : EA Sports
Developer : Electronic Arts Inc
Genre : Sports
Platform : PC
PC Release Date : September, 2010
FIFA 11 reinvents player authenticity – on and off the ball – for every player and at every position on the pitch with Personality+, an all-new feature that sees individual abilities reflected in game, enabling clear differentiation for every player.
With Personality+ a footballer’s abilities on the pitch is mirrored authentically in game, creating individual personalities. Players will be distinguished from one another through a sophisticated database that evaluates and grades each player’s skill-set over 36 attributes and 57 traits, compiled by 1700 scouts around the world. Real Madrid’s Kaka will deliver crisp, creative passes, Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta will utilize tighter turns and close control to dribble through defenses, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney will hold off defenders and strike shots from distance with pace, and top-flight defenders like Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus will anticipate, predict and react to offensive players to win back possession.

Goalkeepers have also been injected with Personality+. The real-life personality of the keeper, whether acrobatic or traditional, will dictate his style in game. Dive attributes will determine the keepers with the ability to reach for further shots while reflex attributes determine reaction times, so a keeper like Petr Cech of Chelsea FC will show be able to showcase world-class skills.
Building on the FIFA 10 gameplay that won 50 sports game of the year awards, FIFA 11 introduces new Pro Passing where pass accuracy is determined by a gamer’s ability on the control pad, and player skill, situation and urgency on the pitch, yielding a deeply rewarding passing system. Plus, a series of new customization tools will enable fans to transform FIFA 11 in new and personally meaningful ways. Assign customized chants for every team and league and play music tracks from your existing library from within the game.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1
Intel Pentium IV 2.66GHz or equivalent processor
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. 128MB Pixel Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce FX or AMD/ATI Radeon 9700 video card)

Recommended System Requirements
Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1
Intel Core2 Duo 2.3GHz or equivalent processor
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. 256MB Pixel Shader 3.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 or AMD/ATI Radeon HD2400 or better)

1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game. Use the keygen in the Crack dir
4. Copy over the cracked content
5. Play the game
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT

Fifa 2011-RELOADED


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Titan is the World's Fastest Computer by
Titan is the World's Fastest Computer by
With the development of technology are now so many events that came out earlier this year.  more and more the issue of goods or technology skills of new products come out on it every day.  Dated March 24, 2011 has held an event in the world's fastest computer is now the United States win the champion again.  a super computer made ​​in the United States Department of Energy is now officially elected as the fastest computer in the world.  This news has been presented by the origin

Super fast computers are named " Titan ", which has the ability which has been estimated to have a speed of about 20,000 trillion calculations per second it, which is equivalent to 20 petaflops per second. This speed is ultimately shift the super computer made ​​in China, Tianhe - 1A, which had previously been in the top position since November 2010.  At that time, computers made ​​by China's National Defense University has recorded an equivalent speed of 2.5 petaflops.

Titan, which was developed by Cray Computer, for the first time become part of the ranks of the world's fastest computer in the facility Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.

In these facilities, laboratories ranks the world's fastest computer will be aligned with the lab of National Geographic, Gaea Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation Kraken, and the U.S. Department of Energy lab development, Jaguar.

Going forward, Titan will likely be used by the local Department of Energy to calculate the complex energy systems and government cost of U.S. $ 100 million, equivalent to Rp 870 billion.

The first stage of computation using the Titan is expected by the end of 2011.  The second phase followed in subsequent years.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

On this wonderful occasion, I as an admin congratulate Christmas to all Christians around the world.  This time I will share a particular operating system for laptop / notebook HP Compaq.  This operating system is windows 7 windows based.  if you need this operating system for laptop / notebook you please direct downloads below.

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Compaq

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Firefox 3.6.10 alexa-com Weblog
After some days I do not update them on this site is on part of his article, because I was in a few days ago I still have family gatherings and holiday Idul Fitri should I carry it out.

I can only say many thanks to all my faithful visitors may be able to enjoy more of my recent articles about technology and computers. at this time I want to give more information about software that is anymore. 1 week ago I gave browsing software that is firefox 3.6.9 final.

However, this time on 15 September 2010 Firefox has released the newest version of firefox 3.6.10 with the system and offered a new look, but is on offer not only this but there are many more. want to know? you just download it firefox 3.6.10.

Firefox 3.6.10

If you are curious about the newest firefox, please download via the link below, you get it for free without any cost.

Download File

Password File

Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the Day of Victory for Muslims worldwide as admin of this site I would like to apologize for - I've got one big maybe to you all. This victory on the day I want to once again share your software has TeraCopy Pro v2.12 Pro With Serial Number.

TeraCopy Pro V2.12 Pro With Serial Number

Actually I do not like this software because of the way once its use is very complicated for the novice computer but not what you might need this software. if you already know the function of the software TeraCopy?

TeraCopy Pro v2.12 is a computer software designed to accelerate the process of copying and moving a file in the computer applying Windows operating system. TeraCopy software you can maximize your file transfer process.

But on the other TeraCopy software that does not have a license or trial software performance TeraCopy usually less at most once. but in this article I will share along TeraCopy serial number in order to perform at most once.

Features :
  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free
  • up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 7 x64 support.
The Pro version of the program lets you do the following:
  • Copy/move to favorite folders.
  • Select files with the same extension/same folder.
  • Remove selected files from the copy queue.
  • Get free updates and priority support.
  • More features coming soon!
Changes :
  • Fixed: Copy not started automatically.
  • Added: Multi-monitor support.
  • Added: Run additional app on finish (eject disk, etc).

Download File

Password File

Friday, September 3, 2010

A few minutes ago, a team of developers veri Beta Ubuntu has issued an up-coming Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) operating system, but will be released on October 10, 2010, then as usual we've downloaded a copy of it to keep up to date with changes the latest from the Ubuntu 10.10 this development.

What's new from Ubuntu Alpha 3 10.10 this? Updates of this Ubuntu release is the most important development of the Ubuntu operating system 10.10 10.10 up-coming, and everyone should get it and are required to test!

10:10 Ubuntu beta contains a new wallpaper and the theme is fixed, a new installer, and a strong organizer and photo editor Shotwell.

2:32 GNOME Beta 1 is now the default desktop environment, and most of the components are updated. Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 3.6.9 and the Transmission BitTorrent client to version 2:04.

Packages updated kernel to version 2.6.35-19.28, based on Linux kernel final release.

Last but not least, the users Will Be Able to Buy applications, through the Ubuntu Software Center, Which has been revamped (again)! See picture below for details ...


What's new in Kubuntu 10:10 Beta? Well, the Beta version of Kubuntu 10:10 Software built on KDE, GNOME 4.5.0 Which Brings many exciting features.

PulseAudio sound server is now standard, BlueDevil is a standard bluetooth stack, Global Menu has been set by default to the plasma Netbook, Rekonq a standard web browser, and the Ubiquity installer has been updated.


What's new in Beta 10:10 Xubuntu? Beta version of Xubuntu 10:10 built on the Xfce 4.6.2 desktop environment. A new wallpaper has been added (see picture below)!


On October 10, 2010, 10:10 Ubuntu (Maverick Meerkat) will from some of the Thirteenth release of the Ubuntu operating system. See you at the end of the month (September 30), for the Release Candidate version of the upcoming Ubuntu 10:10 (Maverick Meerkat) operating system.

The Maverick Meerkat Release Schedule:

June 3rd, 2010 - Alpha 1 release;
July 1st, 2010 - Alpha 2 release;
August 5th, 2010 - Alpha 3 release;
September 2nd, 2010 - Beta release;
September 30th, 2010 - Release Candidate;
October 10th, 2010 - Final release of Ubuntu 10.10.
Download Ubuntu 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Ubuntu Server 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Ubuntu Studio 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Kubuntu 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Kubuntu Netbook Remix 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Xubuntu 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Edubuntu 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Ubuntu ARM 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.
Download Mythbuntu 10.10 Beta (Maverick Meerkat) right now from Softpedia.

Remember that this is a beta release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only. Please report bugs to the Ubuntu Bug Tracker.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

At this time the opportunity again I will share a software which serves as a supporting performance of doctors or hospitals, namely the application to record the patient. if you want to try it please immediately try it, can be downloaded free of charge via this weblog.

these applications have a function in accordance with its name which is to simplify and speed up patient records. using the software, the process of recording became more orderly and well computerized.
Free Software For Recording The Patient In Hospital
How to run a Patient Registration Application:

   1. Download and extract the Patient Record Application
   2. Copy and paste the folder "pasien_1b" to c: \ pasien_1b
   3. Click 2x pasien_db_1b1.mdb file
   4. Enter the password "admin".
   5. Done.

Minimum Requirements:
  • P3 800Mhz Processor or high
  • Memory 256MB high Or
  • Ms. Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista
  • Ms office with access 2000,2003,2007 version

for the 2010 version I have tested and run well.


Password File

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now is not there anymore its time to buy new items or call a technician because Damaged Hard Disk, Lost Data, Lost Bios Password or any other. I can be a solution for people who want to learn it myself to fix the damaged hard drive or many badsectornya or missing data.

I will provide you with a free software that is Hiren Boot CD. This software is hardware or software to fix the Computer Software. Hiren Boot CD software is actually to the computer and network technicians around the world, but I will share and provide download link as well.

At this time Opportunity Hiren Boot CD has issued a new version of Hiren Boot CD 11.0 a few days ago in the release. Hiren Boot in this latest CD there are already some pay software included in Hiren boot cd there are even additional applications and updates as well.

do not doubt your software because Hiren Hiren boot cd boot cd already been tested by the technicians in the world and has secured graduated in laboratory trials. Hiren boot cd in not only windows only software that were collected but there is also a linux software. if you want this software please download link below, for free without having to list.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I used to never give an article about the history of mikrotik itself, What is MikroTik? and then the features of MikroTik. the opportunity this time I was continuing the tutorial from MikroTik. just read the tutorial below :

Screenshoot MikroTik

MikroTik RouterOS has a lot to support various hardware drivers. So if you are a beginner, no need to worry anymore if the hardware components you are using does not support MikroTik. There are several things to consider, among other :

Hardware requirement :

Motherboard CPU and can support Intel next generation of MikroTik RouterOS, Cryx 6X86, AMD K5 or classmates, do not support multiple processors, supports i386 architecture family with PCI Local Bus. Ram (Memory), a minimum of 32 MB and 1 GB maximum.

Hard drive (HDD) ATA / IDE with a minimum of 64 MB of free space. Does not support USB, SCSI, RAID, while for the hard drive (HDD) SATA type only in legacy access mode. Supports macro flash drive and connect drive with a requirement to use the ATA interface.

Installation MEDIA :

Installation media that are required are as follows:
1. Floppy-based installations.
2. Installations CD-based.
3. Floppy-based network installations.
4. Full network-based installations.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did you ever think if you want to log into your computer or laptop using your face from the typing? and from there well before using fingerprints, but this time using your own face. if you want it like that you can use the system you are using by using free software, the software is Luxand Blink. if you use this software, you can login to the computer / laptop you will see just windows laptop / computer you have.

Software features are:

  • Login to Computer / laptop just by looking at it.

  • Under varying conditions Handalkan your login.

  • Hair Cuts Changed? Contacts Glasses to swap? No problems whatsoever!.

  • Increased Security.

  • Identity Thieves Catch.

Smooth installation same as other windows applications. This web cam is detected quite easily to my laptop and asked for permission to use it. After that you need to let it recognize your face while sitting in front of the camera and your face is moving from left to right so that it can recognize and save it for later logins.

The choices are quite simple and quite clear. Now when you reach the login screen, the camera automatically and started trying to identify a face to login. The developers say it works quite well in various conditions of work.

How to Use :

I need some time to recognize my face the first time. Thats OK because the need to create a database of faces from almost any angle. Also, it leaves your login password because usually that means you can login with your password, even if installed face recognition. That's bad in terms of security, but good in situations when you cannot login using your face happens to me too.
When I try to log in testing, sadly not a lot of good performance. You can call it bad as possible. I can log in only once out dari 10th time I tried meskipun I'm sitting in the same place in which the first face recognition were conducted using good lighting semua dengan alasan around.The, mungkin masih are not intended for almost all types of ras in the world or still needs to be improved a lot.

So I would advice, do not use it until you get proper lighting right in your face. You cannot use it to log in a variety of conditions around you.

Note : This software is recommended for a laptop or computer that has windows vista operating system and window seven (win 7) for computers that have windows xp operating system I have never tried, probably could not walk properly.

For those of you who want to download please click the link below :

Download :

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Computers have come a long way, from ordinary desktop PC into a laptop / notebook and the last tablet. Everything of course is designed to make our work easier and faster with the proper perfection, saving much time and effort.

All three forms of computing devices have their own characteristics, while the desktop is ideal for regular office / home use, the notebook for presentations or work anywhere and tablet allows a very personal work anywhere, anytime.

Well this time, to combine features of desktop, laptop and tablet computers, Shyam Balasubramanian designers have developed a multifunctional machine which allows high flexibility to improve the user experience. The name of the device is named "Chip" which presents the tablet PC with a detachable screen that separates from a tablet PC for personal use, while the keyboard is hinged allowing high flexibility to meet different objectives and needs of the user.

Let's see the results of the design.

Monday, August 2, 2010

After Amazon's new Kindle introduced a cheaper, a company called Copia announced that they will be releasing an e-book Reader 5-inch color screen that is named Ocean Reader with price $ 99 cheaper than Amazon's new Kindle.

E-Another reader offered by Copia including Ocean6 6-inch, 9-inch Ocean9, and Ocean9 that supports 3G-3G, 6-inch size Tidal, Tidal and Tidal Touch 3G.

Reader Ocean6 following specifications:

  • ePaper displays
  • 6 "capacitive touchscreen
  • 600 x 800 pixels
  • Size: 125 x 170 x 11 mm
  • 4 directional tilt sensor
  • Robust WiFi (802.11b / g)
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Earphone and microphone jacks

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Desktop mini PC Dell Inspiron Zino HD is finally going to get soon to improve the performance of appropriate documentation from Dell's own. This product types included in the same market category with the Mac Mini is powerful pc with a small shape and compact body, but of course with different operating systems, where Dell Zino HD is certainly destined for the PC market with the Windows operating system or maybe Linux.

Zino Dell PCs HD will provide a sophisticated alternative to the size of a bread box in which the processor will be upgraded from AMD Athlon X2 dual-core which is the first plan to the AMD Phenom quad-core II, where the triple-core processors will also be an option. Integrated graphics card will be upgraded to the Radeon HD 4250, but a dedicated graphics card will be further enhanced with the Mobility Radeon HD 5450 Radeon 4330 instead.

Other additional changes are not dramatic, but the new system will handle up to 8GB of memory, and SPDIF optical audio out. Then there are options such as Blu-ray, although not all of the available storage options. Setup guide and service manual does not give clues about when Dell Zino HD cool this is going to be marketed, but the presence of this information in the server Zino mini PC Dell showed the new HD is very close to the time of release.

Let's see the colorful choices as well as the cover feature on the Dell Inspiron HD Zino.

For now, the price of HD specs Dell Inspiron most low Zino sold at only 249 USD or two million rupiah a little more. Well hopefully the new version with new specifications are also sold at a price which is still well.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

According to analysts, South Korea is judged to have the world's fastest Internet access, reach 12 megabits per second (Mbps).

Data from the largest networking company Akamai discover if the average internet speed global network of only approximately 1.7 Mbps. Although some countries have implemented the fastest internet service.

In these findings, the city of Masan in South Korea ranked at the top for high-speed Internet access reaches 12 Mbps. In second place is filled by Hong Kong at the speed of 9 Mbps, and Japan followed in second place with access to 7.8 Mbps.

In the four and five positions, each occupied by Romania and Latvia with the same speed, 6.3 Mbps.

The most enthusiastic country with broadband internet speed is English. But in the data owned Akamai, the country occupies 27th position among the total 201 countries surveyed, with an average of only 3.8 Mbps internet speed. This figure is still below the target that the regulator Ofcon calculated.

"The speed of 100 Mbps is also available in South Korea but the charge can not be affordable by the community as it reaches hundreds of dollars per month," said Chief Marketing Akamai David Belson.

The following countries with the fastest internet in the world,
1. South Korea 12Mbps
2. Hong Kong 9Mbps
3. Japan 7.8Mbps
4. Romania 6.3Mbps
5. Latvia 6.3Mbps
6. Sweden 6.1Mbps
7. Netherlands 5.9Mbps
8. Czech Republic 5.4Mbps
9. Danish 5.3Mbps
10. Switzerland 5.2Mbps

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Download Fake Webcam 6.1 Full Keygen
webcam face if we interpret itself according to reason is a sham webcam, fake webcam just made myself using images only. This software actually make the software what is it? for us? you definitely think 100 times semuakan right? fake webcam software is typically used to display memanupulasi webcam chat when we are doing much, like on Yahoo Messager, Camfrog, and many others.

I do not want to elaborate about this software you must have understood all. because it very easy to use. you just download and then practiced alone on the computer or your laptop huh? and do not forget to give your comment for this article and if there is a problem please send your criticism on the contact form yes?

Password Rar

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Come on who's good at typing? whether you are good at typing? someone typing speed is actually not visible to our eyes. but I want to challenge you how fast you type. even how accurate your hands in typing. I do not know, how fast you type?

when I was browsing on the internet, I get info website that provides testing services how fast you type and how accurately you type?
name of the website was KataKetik. Do you know this website? kataketik is an area of fast typing contest with Indonesian people all over Indonesia. you can choose to follow the global competition with prizes, or follow the other competition created by users kataketik.

This website is the work of Indonesian children themselves are made by the mas didats Triadi. for those of you who want a challenge so please try this application? because this is very useful very easy. please visit this link if you want to try.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Before I ever give you an eBook That Is SQL Server 2008 from Microsoft directly. On occasion this time I want to once again share all the ebook for you.

Ebook Microsoft Office 2010 
We already know it with Microsoft Office? must have been an Almost daily basis you use for purposes of work or school. now you are still using Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007? Office expired That you really use! hehehehe. but what if you still use an Important office in 2003 Could still be used.

Now it's been the Microsoft Office 2010 season, right? Surely you do not want to fall behind with tutorial Microsoft Office 2010. but this time did not discuss the tutorial Microsoft Office 2010, but I Will give you a free Ebook on Microsoft Office 2010.

Ebook Office 2010 in this time there are around 136 pages. Can you download the files for free here. see below huh?


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