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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One more hidden paradise in Banyuwangi which is still not well known like green bay, island red, Ijen crater, etc. Which have almost similar names to green bay, which is Blue Bay. Gulf this one is different from the green bay. If the green bay has the beauty of white sand and sea water a greenish color. If the Blue Bay has a beautiful underwater beauty.

Gulf Blue Bay one alternative snorkeling in Banyuwangi besides the beach bama in glaze or hornet island. The underwater beauty of the Blue Bay is not inferior to the above tour. Sea here is also still beautiful and yet expose, as evidenced by the clear blue sea color. That's why it is called bay bay blue or Blue Bay.

To avoid another blast fishing, the area is protected by the surrounding community called Thunderous (Movement Muncar My house). This community has some environmental activities. Among them are apartments fish planting, transplanting coral reefs, and mangrove tree planting which aims to save the environment. Here also there is a pearl farming which PT. Disty.

Location Gulf Blue is in Banyuwangi Muncar behind Sembulungan peninsula, the Gulf is still entered in the National Park Alas Purwo. Communities around calling blue bay as Senggrong. So if you ask around to asking Blue bay, you will not get the information you are looking for. So ask as Senggrong.

Land access to the blue bay is still there, so you have to rent a boat or a boat to go there, the market price of renting a boat in Banyuwangi around IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000. Waves in the area Muncar large enough so if you want to come in the morning until noon, as if in the afternoon the fishermen do not want to deliver because the waves were too big. Long journey to the Gulf of Muncar Blue approximately 2 hours drive. The best time to go to the Gulf Blue is in Hour 2 am you can enjoy the sunrise at sea.

Some of the photos we get:

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