Friday, March 13, 2015

At the beginning of March this BlackBerry company finally issued a renewal of the featured applications BBM ( BlackBerry Messenger ), which is currently very popular in Indonesia .

Alexa - com Weblog know this fuel renewal application on apple products , especially for admin use the iPhone 4s so know the latest update on the application of fuel .

We think the renewal occurs in a more attractive and simple , let's take a look below :

Renewal of the first that we know that the profile of the user has been moved to the left side of the menu, which was originally placed above profile but this time still on but hidden in the left menu. purpose may be placed on the left and hidden though more extensive and more simple when you first open the application.

For renewal of the fuel system on the second that is the security code that is usually only used by Apple products, we do not know yet whether there are Android products! ACWers little to explain that this security code is very important because it can secure your private messages from people who are not responsible.

Maybe that's all we know, let's go to the Apple users who have not directly tested and update them on the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) immediately enjoy still very warm to enjoy.


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